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PRIVATE LUXURY: The Brando, Tahiti
NOT SO MUCH the Wild Bunch, as the Wild One Marlon Brando lived life to the rhythm of his own eccentric beat. He retreated from the world to a private Tahitian paradise -now years later you can too. Opening this year, 2014. This enterprise on Marlon's private island of Tetiaroa, a 12-islet atoll 30 miles northeast of Tahiti has been talked about since 2005 and now (hopefully) it's here...

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Brando wasn't the first to fall in love with the islands its stunning beauty, tranquillity and almost mystical powers of rejuvenation first attracted Tahitian royalty, who chose this island for their summer retreat, above all the other scattered Tahitian islands. Brando, responding to the same island spirit, chose it for his personal sanctuary. He purchased the atoll in 1966. Tetiaroa atoll composed of 12 'islets' surrounded by a reef and accessed by an Air Tetiaroa private airplane.
'Brando cared deeply about this island and about the environment' says Philippe Brovelli, regional Vice President, The Brando. "The resort was inspired by Marlon Brando's original vision to create a venture of sustainable development. We believe we are stewards of Tetiaroa, and that we have the responsibility to treat it with the highest level of care and respect.'

Luxury Private Villa on Brando Island, Tahiti

Even before it officially opens The Brando has already received awards for its sustainability. There is an organic garden, a pioneering deep seawater air-conditioning system and renewable energies such as solar energy and coconut oil, mean the resort is close to carbon neutral. There is also a scientific research station on the island that will help discover more about the protection of tropical atolls.

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The Brando has 35 private villas (with 1-3 bedrooms), two restaurants, two bars, a spa built over a tropical pond and an infinity pool. The Luxury Travel Bible readers will love the resort's only three-bedroom villa on Mermaid Bay. The Brando's grand opening is scheduled for July 2014.

Brando Island in The Luxury Travel Bible

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