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Zamani Retreat Kempinski, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Mid-January and those New Year resolutions slipping away already? The first hotel opening of the year to make our top ten  could be the answer.  The Zamani Resort in Zanzibar has already transformed itself into a brand new healthy super-shiny Zamani Retreat Kempinski, stay there and you can transform  yourself too.

This is Zanzibar's first 'wellness retreat', in fact it is one of the first holistic retreats in the whole of the African continent. Zamini means 'happiness' in Swahili; which is a good start.
Three different 'houses'  offer you different ways to transform your mind, body and spirit. The House of Africa has treatments based on traditional Masai culture,  House of Asia focuses on ancient Tibetan herbal practices and House of India, features Panchakarma detox programs and Ayurvedic practises. From the moment you receive your initial consultation every aspect of your stay will be devoted to creating a healthier, more enlightened calmer, cooler you. Better yet, this Indian Ocean retreat is also a luxury resort, with stylish guest rooms and restaurants, lounges and bars.

Christmas over-indulgers will be glad to know that, as well as organic fine dining, there is Ayurvedic fusion cuisine. Serial champagne drinkers will have to come to terms with the fact that the only alcohol served is organic wine but just think how stunning you'll look at the end of it all.

Interestingly General manager Christian Kurmann got over his own health problems with help from a stay at a Tibetian Buddhist retreat, so he  is the perfect man for the job.

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The fact that in 2011 you kept your NY resolutions..this is the best chance you've got.
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Zamani Retreat Kempinski, Zanzibar, Tanzania
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