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White Lounge, Zillertal, Austria

Determined to deliver on extreme après ski, the team at White Lounge party up inside their event igloo offering DJs spinning dance. While parkas might prove limiting to your best 'get-down' moves, we can vouch for the ability of even the smallest stomp or shimmy to turn up your heat in the below zero temperatures. All of which can lead to hours of revelry where it's not just the alcohol making you forget its freezing. If you find, oddly, that you are heating up too much on the inside, the thoughtful White Loungers have provided a line of white deck chairs outside as an official chill-out zone. After-party you have a choice of 10 igloos which can shift shape between functional for four and cosy for two. Each is sweetly decorated with wall relief sculptures.

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White Lounge's enthusiasm for transporting Hotel Costes (Paris) style lounge sounds to the snow - even the sauna pipes chill-out music and you can now buy a Wintersun Sessions CD from the web site.
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White Lounge, Zillertal, Austria
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