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The Shangri-La Express, Tibet

The Golmud to Lhasa railway opened in 2006. It stretches more than 600 miles (960 kms) and the majority of track is at an altitude of more than 13,000ft (4000 m). The Tangula Pass at the summit is a staggering 16,600ft, (5070 m) up; no wonder this is the world's highest railway .The Shangri-La Express is oriental in style with shiny red walls, like Chinese lacquer and the kind of starched white and lace chair covers beloved of ancient Chinese aunts. Don't expect the height of luxury this train doesn't compare with some others on our list but the luxury is in the landscape, the views are staggering, and the experience -a train to the roof of the world. The last bit of the journey from Lhasa is on the new high altitude train not the Shangri-La Express.

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The Shangri-La Express, Tibet
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