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St. Petersburg 

St. Petersburg has long been the place to go for a mashup of traditional and current trends, reflected in the city's iconic landmarks, like the impressive monuments and buildings that crowd the city's UNESCO protected historic centre. However, down the side streets and alleyways you will now find an increasing number of workshops and creative spaces where the younger generation flex their mighty talents, calling the shots when it comes to what's hot and what's not in Russia's second largest city. The area of Nevsky Prospect is full of shops and boutiques, but is also a great place for spotting 'creative types' flitting between their offices and workshops - Taiga, a space completely dedicated to contemporary art, not far from the imposing Hermitage Musuem complex, is where many Russian Yuccies like to go to discuss their creative, and often political, theologies.

Pic credit: Taiga, Saint Petersburg, Russia ©

St. Petersburg

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