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LumiLinna Snowcastle, Finland

Rising out of the snowscape like a Disney castle of ice, Snowcastle is one of the most kid-friendly ice hotels. A snow-tube-slide and a merry-go-round are just two of the activities guaranteed to keep the tiny ones forgetting the cold and smiling. Pull up an ice bench to the ice table in the snow restaurant where you can dine on traditional Finnish cuisine - just don't mention to the kids that reindeer is on the menu. In the snow bar a range of drinks can be had, including warm ones such as hot chocolate with or without alcohol. For sleeping on ice there are 18 rooms for doubles and singles as well as two group rooms with five beds. For the honeymoon inclined there is a dedicated suite as well as a chapel to get the nuptials happening or to simply renew.

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Snowcastle has plenty of experience in hosting private childrenÂ’s parties in the snow hotel.
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LumiLinna Snowcastle, Finland
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