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'Tell us something new,' you cry! Everyone knows about the Hipster-fication of south east London and areas like Shoreditch and Brixton, but the latest borough where Yuccies are choosing to bed down is Islington. Twenty years ago you couldn't give away a flat in Angel or Kings Cross, seedy parts of town notorious for trouble: these days young creative professionals are clambering over each other to pay through-the-roof rent and live in a shoe-box, because it means they’re around the new fashionable cafés, nightclubs and pubs popping up all over this part of London. Not yet made it into the 'mainstream', Islington retains some of its rough and ready character, but get in quick before the Yuccies turn your local boozer in to an 'eat clean' juice bar. Aside from liquidising their food, another Yuccie obsession is 'going for brunch' - for some top nosh that's not quite breakfast not quite lunch, make it to one of The Breakfast Clubs dotted around trendy parts like Hoxton, London Bridge and Soho. Hungry for more?

Pic credit: The Breakfast Club, London.


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