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Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

The ice igloos here are a notch down in the luxe stakes - small bare domes. Still worth the experience for a night, however, it's really the line of glass igloos that makes this trip to the Arctic Circle a must. OK, it's a bit of an ice cheat, but here you can bury yourself beneath the blankets and stare up at the spectacular vision of the Northern Lights. The arc of glass is thermally treated and each igloo has its own bathroom. In the morning you can skip between the sauna and having a dip in an ice hole nearby - apparently it does amazing things for your body. Backing up the ice experience is an ice chapel, bar and the world's largest snow restaurant that can pack in 150 people, however like the ice igloos they are a bit rustic spare. An ice gallery is where art and style gets pushed as the best ice sculptors from around the world compete in an international competition.

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The large thermal glass tee pee – perfect for cocktail parties and watching the northern lights.
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Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland
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