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Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania
While the Swiss and Belgians may have cornered Europe's chocolate market, in America, the biggest name in chocolate making is Hershey. From a Pennsylvanian chocolate factory to a whole town, theme parks, and family resorts the Hershey company (established by Milton S Hershey during the Depression years) continues to have its fingers in many pies. One of the company's sweetest triumphs is Hotel Hershey - a 278-room 1930s-style hotel. The cherry on top has to be the Spa offering a range of decadent guilt-free chocolate-based treatments like the whipped cocoa bath, chocolate bean polish and chocolate Fondue Wrap.  You're guaranteed to check-out looking good enough to eat - without compromising your waistline.
Images courtesy of Hotel Hershey.

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A guilt-free chocolate indulgence.
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Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania
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