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When it comes to being bang on trend, northern Europe is usually first to jump aboard that train! This is the reason why the Danish capital, Copenhagen, has got to be one of the coolest cities to live in for any self-respecting Yuccie. The Danes love to cycle (the city's terrain is almost entirely flat and easily explored on two wheels), sip organic lattes in battered leather armchairs, spend hours perusing the shelves in antique bookshops and catch an opening night at a local art gallery. The Vesterbro district is the perfect place for all this, with its unusual mix of the traditional northern European 'go-slow' approach and the frenetic rhythm of a city thriving in the age of the internet economy. Go armed with plenty of krone - in Vesterbro you'll find restaurants, bookshops and a plethora of chic Danish designer boutiques. Typography nerds, head to Playtype, to bring home some special Yuccie souvenir stationary.

Pic credit: Playtype shop, Copenhagen


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