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Unzen Kanko Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan
Renowned for its hot spring baths, Unzen Kanko Hotel is a Swiss chalet-styled hotel that is a h aven for spa lovers and recognized as a building of high cultural importance. The hotel is located close to Japan's oldest national park, Unzen-Amakusa where guests will find Mount Unzen, an active volcanic group and more than 70 islands of Amakusa. To celebrate Sakura season, Unzen Kanko Hotel is including breakfast, a cherry blossom themed cocktail and private taxi to the Tachibana Shrine, a popular venue for cherry blossom sightseeing and is available until 30 April 2016.

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Soaking in a sulphur hot spring bath with water from Unzen Jigoku (Unzen Hell) after a day walking around the sakura blooms.
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Unzen Kanko Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan
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