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Top Ten Travel Apps
 1. Tripit (free)
The Luxury Travel Bible readers might have a personal assistant but these days, Who needs one? Tripit, the high performance itinerary tracking app, puts all of your travel plans in the palm of your hand.

 2. Mission:Explore (free)
Get out of the guidebooks and explore London! Mission:Explore is a fun way to get to know the city through a series of missions and micro-adventures for kids, families and tourists of all ages. We can't wait for it to include more cities!

 3. World Flights (£1.19, US$1.85, AUD$1.96 approx.)
Don't get stuck waiting hours to pick up a loved one at the airport - download this app and get up-to-date late arrivals and departures information for all commercial flights around the globe.  

 4. GateGuru (free)
A must-have for frequent flyers (which we know The Luxury Travel Bible followers are) , GateGuru guides you through airport security and offers a comprehensive list of airport amenities. Currently covering 86 airports in the US, major European and Canadian hubs are coming soon.

 5. Gorillacam (free)
This hugely impressive app vastly improves the iPhone camera, offering advanced functions such as multi-shot, timer, spirit level, on-screen grid, and many, many more.  

 6. TripWolf (free)
Forget weighty travel guides, TripWolf gives you one click expert advice from Footprint Travel Guides, and an Augmented Reality Viewer that'll have you looking at the world with new eyes. And the best part? All features work offline, so you don't incur any unwanted browsing charges; just download what you want before you leave!
 7. iTranslate (free)
Want to know how to say "Pass me the caviar' in Russian? Try this, it translateswords, phrases and whole sentences in over 50 languages.

 8. Super Twiddler (£1.79, US$2.77, AUD$2.95 approx.)
One to watch: (currently only available in US) With a tagline of 'Don't Twiddle your thumbs, twiddle your iPhone' this app can't fail to impress. Massively fun to use with a spin and shake interface, Super Twiddler suggests up-to-date activities based on your mood, location and how much time you have to play with.

 9. Postman (£1.79, US$2.77, AUD$2.95 approx.)
Break away from the token tacky postcard and turn your snaps into an eco-friendly, professional card that can be emailed or shared on Facebook and Twitter.

 10. What's Next  (£1.79, US$2.77, AUD$2.95 approx.)

Setting a new standard for 'what's about' applications, the NileGuide's 'What's Next' offer tips and personalised travel guides to go help you traverse the big wide world with just an iPhone. Whether you want a kid-friendly activity or to get off the beaten track, What's Next has a comprehensive directory of attractions.  
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