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CrystalBrook Bailey, Cairns, Australia
CrystalBrook Hotels describe their collection of luxury hotels as siblings as ‘each hotel and resort share many similarities, but each is also unique and maintains its own personality’.  The newest sibling, Bailey in Cairns is described as the ‘thoughtful, arty one‘.
Opening in mid-2019, Bailey is not what you would expect for it’s Cairns Neighbourhood, and that’s what will make it stand out. Bailey is actively involved in the local arts community and will be displaying various art pieces in and around the hotel.
The hotel has a focus on the finer things in life such as great style, design and dining experiences ranging from cocktails by the pool to Australian heritage dining. We also love the nostalgic ‘Milk Bar’ which will serve childhood favourites that promise to be Instagram-worthy.

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CrystalBrook Bailey, Cairns, Australia
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