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Peabody Hotel Group


Peabody Hotel Group

The Group: Home of the world famous 'Peabody Ducks', the original Peabody hotel was developed in Memphis in 1865 by Robert Brinkley. The hotel was named just before the official opening in 1869 after Brinkley's best friend, philanthropist George Peabody who had died suddenly.

When the hotel was build over 140 years ago no expense was spared; top quality materials were used and skilled craftsmen employed. The hotel was deemed to be one of the most stylish in the South at the time. Today, Peabody Hotels' blend of luxurious décor, top level service, gourmet cuisine, revitalizing spas and a commitment to updating and renovating with state-of-the-art equipment make Peabody Hotels one of the most deluxe chains in North America.

Apart from this luxury it is the 'Peabody Duck March' that has become a tradition and made the hotel chain famous. It started in The Peabody Memphis where every day at 11am five Mallard ducks are led by their 'Duck Master' from their $100,000 penthouse Royal Duck Palace by the elevator to the lobby fountain where they remain throughout the day until 5pm when they return up to their suite for dinner and rest.


The List: The Peabody Memphis, The Peabody Orlando and The Peabody Little Rock

New Hotels: The Peabody Orlando is currently undergoing a US$420-million Expansion which will re-open in the third quarter of 2010. The expansion will include 1,641 luxurious rooms, including 120 suites, 15,000 square-foot, full service, luxury spa, New Napa Valley wine-themed restaurant and 210,000 square feet of meeting space.
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